Yayavar -1-।। काश मैं नादान होता ।।

Hello everyone, today I’m going to share a poem in hindi which I wrote 1 yr ago on 13 jan 2017. (when I was 14 yrs old) in my hindi poem collection Yayavar, it may not be that good, but still I wanna share with you all.. So let’s begin…

।।काश मैं नादान होता।।

काश मैं नादान होता,

इस विवरण की दुनिया से दूर होता।

न कोई चिंता होती,

न कोई प्रशनवाचक होता।

बस एक मुस्कान होती,

जिसका कोई कारण न होता।

एक संतोष होता,

जिसका कोई अंत न होता।

न बुलाता कोई कार्य के लिए,

आराम से बैठे ठाठ होता।

न कोई जिम्मेदारी होती,

न समस्याओं का ताज होता।

न जीवन की गहराई समझ होती,

न आंसुओं का सागर होता।

न मैं समझदार होता,

काश मैं नादान होता।

– अवनी

How’s it?


*Photo credit: Google*


37 thoughts on “Yayavar -1-।। काश मैं नादान होता ।।”

  1. ..which would have been me ..

    I wish I was a nadar,

    This description would be far from the world.

    There was no worry,

    No one would have been prasanna.

    Just had a smile,

    There is no reason for it.

    There was a satisfaction,

    No end

    For no work called,

    It was a chic sitting comfortably.

    There would be no responsibility,

    No problems will be crowned.

    Without understanding the depth of life,

    There was no tears of ocean.

    Neither would I be wise,

    I wish I was a Nadan.

    – Avni

    is it right? what is Yayavar?

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    1. Haha..😂😂 Good attempt…😆👏
      Thanks for the conversion was incredible..🙈😂😂😂
      I hope that you understood the poem very nicely..😌😛😛


      1. Sorry to say, but Google needs to improve in Hindi..😂
        Haha.. Don’t worry I’ll soon translate it in English..😄
        Yesterday was my first exam, Hindi.. The paper was very easy.. I hope the marking would be lenient as well..🤓


  2. Great scope for good Hindi poetry buddy — talking about your future self! Do keep working on it! Enjoyed this one. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Yes.. God promise.. I know people won’t believe but its true. My best friend and my mother too knows it.. It’s a bit hard to prove but it’s true..😅 I’ve more poems of that time to share. (I’d a passion for hindi poems till last year)

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      1. Yes soon.. Actually now my exams are going on and then there’ll be boards from march. So I’ve decided to publish all of them between this time. This will help to update my blog and won’t take much time than selecting any new topic.. So, I’m sorry.. But you’ll have to wait..

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      2. I’m nervous.. Kahin aapko Sabra ka fal meetha nahi laga toh!? Please don’t expect much from the 14 yr old me.. Thank you for your well wishes.. 😊😊

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