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I’m Avni- Hope you remember..??🤞🏻

Hello everyone!! Namastey🙏 I hope you all remember me (🤞🏻😅)...?? *awkward silence* 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 It has been a busy month. New class, new tuitions and hence a new schedule. 😌😳 My daily schedule begins from getting up at 5:30 am then rushing to get ready to school ASAP so that I can save the remaining time… Continue reading I’m Avni- Hope you remember..??🤞🏻



I once visited land of dreams..

Good morning world!🙏 Hope you all have a great day..🙏😇😘 Today, I'm here with a poem which I had wrote two years ago (15 dec. 2016). Hope you all enjoy it. Let's begin.. "I once visited a land of dreams." I once visited a land of dreams. I had a castle of gleam where I… Continue reading I once visited land of dreams..


Meet Tojo: The Great..

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great day🙏.. So, today I've decided to introduce you all to someone very special😇 from my super crazy family😅.. He's the youngest, yet everyone has to obey his commands😌. Because we all know that if he's upset, then the entire family has to beg him for… Continue reading Meet Tojo: The Great..


Yayavar -2- ।।मेेरे मन अौर मत उड़।।

Hello everyone! Here I'm with my second poem from my a yr old, poem collection Yayavar.. I had wrote this poem on 1 Nov. 2016. Hope you all enjoy it.. Let's begin.. ।।मेरे मन अौर मत उड़।। मेरे मन अौर मत उड़, पहाड़ों से टकरा जाएगा। ऊँची ऊँची उड़ानों के सपने झट छोड़, गिर जाएगा।… Continue reading Yayavar -2- ।।मेेरे मन अौर मत उड़।।


Yayavar -1-।। काश मैं नादान होता ।।

Hello everyone, today I'm going to share a poem in hindi which I wrote 1 yr ago on 13 jan 2017. (when I was 14 yrs old) in my hindi poem collection Yayavar, it may not be that good, but still I wanna share with you all.. So let's begin... ।।काश मैं नादान होता।। काश… Continue reading Yayavar -1-।। काश मैं नादान होता ।।



Siblings - (n.) each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister. But, What actually is a sibling!?😶 Maybe I'm the perfect one who can answer this, as I've two siblings: both brother and sister & younger and elder. So, I'm actually a walking encyclopedia… Continue reading Siblings👯


My preparation for Exams😈.

As usual, I was striving hard to focus on my textbooks and was trying even harder to stop my boat of imagination from sailing through the deep oceans of dreams. Okay! Now, I've decided to finally and fully focus on my subject. So, now no more daydreaming and No More DISTRACTIONS😈. It's 8 am, so… Continue reading My preparation for Exams😈.