Sunshine Blogger Award: My first ever award😇

Hello Everyone! Today I’m really very very happy to recieve this lovely (and my first ever) award😄.. I can't find words to express my happiness and gratitude to you all😊😇.. And I would love to say thanks to Shresth Bhaiya for nominating me for this wonderful Award!🙏 I’m really really very grateful to consider my… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award: My first ever award😇

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Indian (Bollywood) movies that are worth watching🎥

Namastey🙏 Yayy, It's my 10th post😀, and I'm happy to share it with my 156 new friends..❤ So, today I'm here with some bollywood movies that you should watch at least once in your lifetime😀.. So let's not waste much time, and begin:..😀 1. Taare Zameen Par 2007 · Drama/Music Short Introducion: Ishaan cannot seem… Continue reading Indian (Bollywood) movies that are worth watching🎥

Let's meet....

Meet grandma Angie!

Hello everyone🙏😄 Today I'm here to introduce someone, whom we all NEED to know.😊 We've never met or saw each other.. She was completely unknown to me untill TODAY, and now she's one of my inspirations, She's grandma Angie from Kentucky. Today, while scrolling through my wordpress notifications, I came across a comment (on my… Continue reading Meet grandma Angie!

Random Thoughts

Dear Men, Attention Please!👔

Hello everyone🙏, I hope you all are doing good😄 Today, I want to share my thoughts on a very important topic🙋.. To be straightforward, I must tell you, that today I'm here to share my feelings, infact every Indian girl's feeling on... something every man should know💁... We, Indian women are sometimes called as narrow-minded… Continue reading Dear Men, Attention Please!👔


I once visited land of dreams..

Good morning world!🙏 Hope you all have a great day..🙏😇😘 Today, I'm here with a poem which I had wrote two years ago (15 dec. 2016). Hope you all enjoy it. Let's begin.. "I once visited a land of dreams." I once visited a land of dreams. I had a castle of gleam where I… Continue reading I once visited land of dreams..


Meet Tojo: The Great..

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great day🙏.. So, today I've decided to introduce you all to someone very special😇 from my super crazy family😅.. He's the youngest, yet everyone has to obey his commands😌. Because we all know that if he's upset, then the entire family has to beg him for… Continue reading Meet Tojo: The Great..


Yayavar -2- ।।मेेरे मन अौर मत उड़।।

Hello everyone! Here I'm with my second poem from my a yr old, poem collection Yayavar.. I had wrote this poem on 1 Nov. 2016. Hope you all enjoy it.. Let's begin.. ।।मेरे मन अौर मत उड़।। मेरे मन अौर मत उड़, पहाड़ों से टकरा जाएगा। ऊँची ऊँची उड़ानों के सपने झट छोड़, गिर जाएगा।… Continue reading Yayavar -2- ।।मेेरे मन अौर मत उड़।।