Liebster Award (2) & The Sunshine Blogger Award (3)

Howdy friends...🙋 Today I'm really very happy to share these two awards with you all.. As these are nominated by two of my most closest members of this huge wordpress family..❤💕 Liebster award by my sweet sis Zankhana and my adorable amma (grandma) Angie .. ❤❤❤..  I really insist you all to visit their blogs, and there's no need… Continue reading Liebster Award (2) & The Sunshine Blogger Award (3)

Let's meet....

Meet grandma Angie!

Hello everyone🙏😄 Today I'm here to introduce someone, whom we all NEED to know.😊 We've never met or saw each other.. She was completely unknown to me untill TODAY, and now she's one of my inspirations, She's grandma Angie from Kentucky. Today, while scrolling through my wordpress notifications, I came across a comment (on my… Continue reading Meet grandma Angie!